Standard Attorneys is a leading advisor on all aspects of doing business in Tanzania and East Africa. We advise a wide spectrum of clients on the intricacies of setting up business in East Africa and the legal ramifications of all the peripheral issues involved in the process.
Standard Attorneys have an in depth understanding of the new legal challenges posed by the fact that Tanzania and East Africa lack laws and the regulatory structure governing the oil and gas sectors. We advise on these matters beginning with the tender process through the completion of the project.
This area of law is particularly relevant to our commercial clients who have chosen to open branches in the East African region. Advice on these matters generally focuses on the regulations surrounding the importation and exportation of goods in the East African Common Market. The regulations involve such issues as labeling, packaging, points of origin, etc. Additionally, the firm offers advice on the various customs duties and tariffs, as well as the possibility of operating in existing free trade zones in the region.
Another important aspect of business for corporations choosing to do business in the Tanzania and East Africa is intellectual property. Since each jurisdiction has its own regulations regarding trademarks and patents and our job at Standard Attorneys is to advise our clients on these regulations.
The firm actively counsels a large number of clients on a wide range of issues relating to public procurement covering all aspects of the public procurement process. Our work in this area includes advising our clients on the procedure involved for procurements in the jurisdictions, types of contracts subject to procurement laws and the different rules and regulations affecting the process. We also provide due diligence and assist our clients in navigating out of market place practices that violate laws.
The Firm provides services to commercial and private clients in a wide variety of transactions involving real property including; Acquisition of residential and commercial properties, , advice on drafting of commercial and residential leases, Commercial property re-organization, Financial structuring of property transactions, Commercial Conveyancing, Property Law, Real Estate Financial and finance, Village Land acquisitions and Leasing, arrangements, Residential Conveyancing, Property sub-divisions, consolidations and Negotiation, drafting of property sale and acquisition and sale agreements.
A secondary aspect to our work in advising corporate clients seeking to establish businesses in the East Africa is tax-ramifications. We advise our clients on the tax implications of forming the various types of companies permitted under each jurisdiction. This advice includes advising foreign nationals employed in these jurisdictions, by either local or international corporations, of the tax issues they will confront. Our work also involves assisting our clients in resolving their tax issues with local authorities in the various jurisdictions, where necessary.
Our firm excellently provides labour and employment law advice to our clients. Much of the firm’s work is in the form of opinions to our clients relating to the labour and employment rules and regulations of the jurisdictions involved. For those clients establishing businesses or offices in a particular country in East Africa, in addition to drafting employee contracts, we advise and assist our clients in obtaining all the necessary paperwork and documents necessary to obtain work permits for their employees.
Standard Attorneys represents clients in local litigation and arbitration. A major area of practice is to serve as co-counsel and/or experts on the laws of Tanzania.
Another area that the firm is busy in is that of Industrial Projects, where our lawyers assist and advise developers in mega projects. This work includes advising the client on administrative, environmental and constitutional issues, as well as dealing with various public authorities.
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